It seems that Lissa only writes instant classics. Which makes her sound worthy, but she’s one of the funniest writers for any age. ‘Wished’ is every bit as good as ‘Wed Rabbit’, which was utter genius.

Anthony McGowan (winner of the 2021 Carnegie Prize)

Very wise, very magic, very, very funny
Hilary McKay

A superbly funny misadventure about unexpected friendships and living life to the full
Editor’s Choice, The Bookseller

Ed and his sister, Roo, are faced with the most boring half-term holiday in history: five days spent in the company of their elderly neighbour Miss Filey and her ancient, smelly cat.

But when they find a box of unlit, unused birthday candles in a cupboard in Miss Filey’s house, their world is changed completely. Because these are no ordinary candles and every single one of them comes with a real wish.

There’s only one problem: some of those wishes actually belong to someone else . . .

A perfect, flawless, funny, touching book, with the best grumpy talking cat of all time
Nicola Skinner

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