Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal, the Costa Book Awards and the Blue Peter book Award.

Lissa Evans is a marvel, a genuinely funny, clever writer who takes you to the last place you expect to go…Wed Wabbit is a classic in the making.  An unmissable literary carrot. The Times      

Evans achieves vivid, original worldbuilding while maintaining trim prose that’s by turns heart-rending and hilarious, exciting, and well worth a place alongside beloved adventure classics. Kirkus starred review.      

Fidge is having a bad week.

She’s been flung into a bizarre world alongside three companions:  two are deeply weird and the third is her awful cousin Graham.

She has to solve a series of nearly impossible clues, defeat a dictator who can’t pronounce the letter ‘r’ and deal with three thousand Wimbley Woos (yes, you read that sentence correctly).

And the whole situation – the whole, entire thing – is her fault.

Wed Wabbit is an adventure story about friendship, danger and the terror of never being able to get back home again.
And it’s funny.
It’s seriously funny.

It’s an absolute joy, an incredibly funny and original tale of adventure, packing a fierce emotional punch with just the right amount of darkness and scary bits.    The storybook world is wonderfully realised, with  clever plotting, tight writing and sharp dialogue.      And an extra thumbs-up for being a terrific book to read aloud and share.  The Bookseller

So funny, and so sharp and dark and unguessable.  What a book.  Katherine Rundell, author of ‘Rooftoppers’ and ‘The Wolf Wilder

Really, really funny – a future classic.  Nina Stibbe, author of ‘Dear Nina’ and ‘Man at the Helm’

In 50 years time, people may say “it’s a bit like Wed Wabbit” in the way they now say “it’s a bit like Narnia”.   A masterpiece.  Nick Lake, author of ‘In Darkness’

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