‘A story fluctuating between humour and high drama…The first story about this likeable boy, published last year, came out to universal praise. The second one is just as good.’ Independent on Sunday

Stuart Horten (ten, but looks younger) is now the owner of a magician’s workshop – except that without his Great-Uncle’s Last Will and Testament, he can’t actually prove it. Which is a problem, since someone else wants it as well; someone who has a lot of money.

The workshop contains seven magnificent stage illusions, but when Stuart starts to investigate them, he discovers that each is the gateway to a magical adventure, with a puzzle to solve, and a clue to extract.

As the clues mount up, the adventures become riskier. Friendship is strained, and danger looms and Stuart has to decide what sort of prize he really, truly wants.

‘A gem for budding heroes’ The Times

‘It delivers everything a good old-fashioned adventure should…A smart book for a smart young reader’ Marcus Sedgwick, Guardian

‘Rollicking good fun and often engagingly suspenseful, perfect for a quick read or entertaining read-aloud.’  Kirkus

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